Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Test of the Emergent Broadcast System

If you happen across this entry, I'm asking you to forgive a lot. First, forgive the lousy camera work. Second, forgive the lousy audio. And finally, forgive the palsy that seemed to affect my hand while I taped this. But I'm just testing to see if I can embed video on the blog (and I got a new camera to play with). This is my youngest son (in the green stripy shirt) at his Christmas pageant ... And ain't he cute (in real life, he's usually in much better focus).


Erica Orloff said...

Were you DRUNK when you filmed this?

HE IS TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Christmas pageants!!!!!

(And my word verfication is PREGESH. Is that like "sorta" pregnant?")

spyscribbler said...

Oh cute! Love the whole garland bell thing, LOL!