Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Such a Sucker

I'm just finishing an AWFUL book right now. I mean it. This thing is awful, and if I wasn't getting paid to read it, I would have quit a hundred times over. But that's not the bad part. Here is the bad part: I got goosebumps at the ending. It was cheesy, corny, improbably ridiculous, obvious, manipulative ... and it still got me.


I remember years ago my older sister called me (we share a love of books) and said, "I just read a book you MUST read. It's amazing! It's called Bridges of Madison County. Really. I mean it. Read it."

Today, my sister denies making that phone call. But I remember. (And for the record, I did read it.)

I guess we're all suckers sometimes ... right? Does everybody have Shame Books, or is it just me?


Mark Terry said...

Uh, dude. The Bridges of Madison County is a shame book. As was the follow-up, which I enjoyed more (a somewhat relative thing), even though I can't even remember the title.

LurkerMonkey said...

TBOMC is probably THE shame book ... and you know what's sad? I read the follow-up too. It was called Puerto Vallarta Squeeze. But I blame that on 1) dating a girl who was into Robert James Waller and 2) being a tiny bit hyperlexic.

Mark Terry said...

Mmm. Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend, I think. If that was the one with the guy with the motorcycle in his living room. I liked the character.

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